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Brandon has a gift for communicating complex ideas in a simple, easy-to-understand way. We can rest easy about our family's estate planning because Brandon took the time to understand our intentions and communicate them clearly."

H. Wight, Bakersfield, CA.

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Modern Estate Planning

We help clients of all ages make the law work for them instead of against them. If you are a family with young children or if your work or family circumstances have recently changed, now is the perfect time for our firm to become your legal life planning law firm.
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  • Your Personal Lawyer

    Every single client meets personally with their attorney to design a custom estate plan that makes sense for their goals and/or their family.

  • Living Life Plans

    We work to protect family assets, protect children, and build relationships from risks both before and after death events.

  • Solutions for Modern Risks

    Our approach acknowledges the likely need for extended health care, asset protection, and solutions for blended families.

  • Protect Your Family

    What happens to those who rely on you if you are gone? Plan so that the law and your lawyer can protect your loved ones even if you are no longer able to.

  • Share Your Values, Too

    If it is important to you, we record your thoughts to make sure your family benefits from your love and wisdom even after you die.

  • Affordable for Families

    We also plan for young families who are more focused on protecting children than protecting wealth. We can serve every family.

  • No Hourly Billing

    We only charge flat fees which are disclosed up front on estate planning so our clients never get a surprise bill. Our clients select services from a menu in a comfortable way that reminds some of ordering from a restaurant.

  • Post-Mortem Service

    Some other estate planning firms exclusively draft estate plans, but don't help with trust administration or probate in the event a loved one dies.  Our estate planning is informed by understanding gained from probate and trust work.

  • Kids Protection Plan

    We prepare a comprehensive guardianship plan that prepares your guardians and will ensure your kids never, ever spend even an hour in the hands of strangers, CPS, or the foster system.

  • Easy Communication

    Brandon Martin is an estate planning and probate attorney you can actually talk to!  We schedule attorney call-backs every day to save you from endless phone tag!

  • Easy Updates

    Estate planning isn't turnkey or "set it and forget it."  The law, your goals, your family, and your assets will change.  Our estate plans include free tri-annual checkups for the life of the firm to keepyour estate plan up to date.

  • Process Driven

    We are always testing and implementing new technology to drive our processes and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks and that our clients estate plans will work when they are needed.