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We help clients of all ages make the law work for them instead of against them. If you are a family with young children or if your work or family circumstances have recently changed, now is the perfect time for us to become your legal life planning law firm.
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Our Benefits

Your Personal


Every single client meets personally with their attorney to design a custom estate plan that makes sense for their family.
Living Life 


We work to protect family assets, protect children, and build relationships from risks both before and after death events.
Solutions for

  Modern Risks

Our approach acknowledgs the likely need for extended health care, asset protection, and solutions for blended families.
Affordable for Families
We also plan for young families who are more focused on protecting children than protecting wealth. We can serve every family.
Share Your Values, Too
If it is important to you, we record your thoughts to make sure your family benefits from your love and wisdom even after you die.
Protect Your Family
What happens to those who rely on you if you are gone? Plan so that the law and your lawyer can protect them even if you are no long able to.
I enjoy working with Brandon.  He's smart and resourceful.  But, also I know that he'll be there for my family for years to come. 
Don Porter
Brandon cares.  I was dreading estate planning.  But, I actually enjoyed planning for my family's future with Brandon.  
Patrick Jackson

We Make Complex Legal Planning Simple for All

Brandon uses a proven-process and tested checklists to counsel families through legal life planning and estate planning decisions.

Brandon also uses stories to illustrate and help people understand the potential ramifications of their choices.

Finally, Brandon encourages questions and open dialogue and provides estate planning at a flat fee, so clients never have to worry that a 'stupid' question will cost them.

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Brandon is great. He makes complex decisions simple to understand. I now have a binder of documents that I actually understand and that I know reflect my values and my intentions for my children in the future.
Don Porter